£590 donated in memory of Alan Parkin by Narinder Kapur

Alan Parkin was Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex, and died in November 1999, aged 49. He was a gifted communicator and probably one of the most prolific neuropsychologists of the 20th century. After a BSc in Zoology at Reading he took the Experimental Psychology MSc conversion course and then stayed on at Sussex to do a DPhil. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1989, Reader the following year, and Professor in 1993.

He was internationally renowned for his work on amnesia, in particular the different varieties of memory loss produced by such conditions as Korsakoff's syndrome, encephalitis, aneurysm and temporal and frontal lobe damage. He carried out pioneering work in implicit memory and confabulation. His three textbooks on neuropsychology had multiple reprintings and had been translated into Japanese, German and Spanish. His eighth and ninth books were close to publication at the time that he died, and one of these was a single-author text on cognitive psychology.


Book royalties donated by Narinder Kapur

Narinder Kapur's share of royalties for the book Memory and Epilepsy (Oxford University Press, 2012), co-edited with Adam Zeman and Marilyn Jones-Gotman are donated to the BNS.

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£500 donated to supported the debates in memory of John Marshall by Jenny Gurd

John Marshall was undergraduate and graduate student at Reading University. He completed his PhD in 1967. In 1963 he was appointed to the Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council Psycholinguistics Unit, University of Oxford which was headed up by Carolus Oldfield. It was in Oxford that he started his celebrated collaboration with Freda Newcombe, Oldfield, and the Unit, moved to Edinburgh in 1966, and John with it, and he remained there till 1976, the last 2 years of which he was Lecturer in the Edinburgh Department of Psychology, where he formed his collaboration with Roger Wales.

Between 1976 and 1980 he was Head of the Interfakultaire Werkgroep Taal en Spraakgedrag in University of Nijmegen, following which he returned to Oxford and had an appointment on the External Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council. He was appointed Oxford University Professor of Neuropsychology, and subsequent to his retirement, Professor Emeritus.


£3000 donated by NarinderKapur

In loving memory of my father and mother, Dwarka Nath and Phulan Rani Kapur, who as refugees survived the horrors of the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 to succeed in their dreams of coming to Britain and giving their children an education and a brighter future.

This donation is to help ensure high quality meetings of the society, and to facilitate any work of the society to directly or indirectly support Neuropsychology in developing countries.