Call for new members

Applications for new associate and full members are invited for consideration by the BNS Executive Committee.

The application forms can be downloaded below, and sent by email to the BNS Honorary Secretary. If you scan the form, please save it as a document, not as a picture.

Criteria for BNS Membership

The aims of the British Neuropsychological Society are the furtherance of scientific inquiry within the field of neuropsychology and cognate subjects, by holding periodic meetings at which papers may be read and discussions held, to enhance communication among those scientific disciplines which can contribute to the understanding of brain-behaviour relationships and neuropsychological disorders in particular, and by such other activities as may be decided upon by the Society.

The BNS Constitution states that:

3.1 Membership shall be open to anyone who can demonstrate a commitment to Neuropsychology, normally indicated by one of three routes:

(a) clinical neuropsychology - clinical psychology doctorate or equivalent, and subsequent work in the field of clinical neuropsychology;

(b) neuropsychology research – PhD (but in exceptional circumstances, another postgraduate qualification) in an area of neuropsychological interest and publication(s) in the field of neuropsychology or experimental psychology;

(c) other cognate discipline - clinical or postgraduate qualification, at a level which is commensurate with a PhD/doctorate, and subsequent clinical or research experience in any area related to neuropsychology (e.g. psychiatry, neurology, speech and language therapy, neuroscience, occupational therapy).

3.2 Associate membership shall be open to those with an interest in Neuropsychology who do not meet the criteria for membership in 3.1 (e.g. trainees, postgraduate students including PhD students, research assistants, assistant psychologists, therapists). Associate members may attend meetings including the AGM but will not have voting rights. A reduced subscription rate will be determined at the AGM. Associate membership is available for a maximum of six years during which time it is expected that associate members will become eligible for full membership.

3.3 The BNS executive committee reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership at its discretion subject to ratification by the AGM.

Membership Application

Application for membership to the society should be made using the  form below. The same form should  be used if applying for either FULL or ASSOCIATE membership. Please indicate the type of membership you are applying for on the form. Applicants should be sponsored by a member of the BNS, who should countersign the form. Please do not submit additional material with your application. We require only those details necessary to evaluate whether the applicant meets the criteria set out in the constitution, and not a complete CV.

The membership subscription fees are as follows:

  • Full membership is £35 per year (£40 per year if paid by cheque)
  • Associate membership is £10 per year (£15 per year if paid by cheque)
  • Full membership for retired individuals is £10 per year (£15 per year if paid by cheque)

Payment details MUST be provided at the time of applying for membership.

The membership application form can be accessed here:

Membership application form (word file)

Membership application form (pdf file)

All applications for full or associate membership will be thoroughly reviewed by the BNS Executive Committee. The review process should take no longer than 10 working days from the point an application is acknowledged by the Honorary Secretary. Applicants will be notified by letter (sent via email) of the outcome of the Committee’s decision.

If you are outside the UK and cannot set up a UK standing Order, it is possible to make payments through PayPal in Pounds Sterling, Euros or Dollars. If you are intending to use this method, then please state this on the subscription form and you will be informed of when to set up the PayPal payments AFTER your application has been considered.

If you are currently an associate member and wish to upgrade to full member, please complete the upgrade form here below:


Please send you completed application form to the BNS Honorary Secretary:

via email:

OR via regular mail:

Dr Sara D S Ramos
The Disabilities Trust
32 Market Place
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9NP

Members outside the UK can also pay using PayPal.
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For European members:

European Member

For American members:
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