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We are grateful to Jenny Gurd for sponsoring the John Marshall debate.

John Marshall was undergraduate and graduate student at Reading University, completing his PhD in 1967. In 1963 he was appointed to the Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council Psycholinguistics Unit, University of Oxford which was headed up by Carolus Oldfield. It was in Oxford that he started his celebrated collaboration with Freda Newcombe, Oldfield, and the Unit, moved to Edinburgh in 1966, and John with it, and he remained there till 1976, the last 2 years of which he was Lecturer in the Edinburgh Department of Psychology, where he formed his collaboration with Roger Wales. Between 1976 and 1980 he was Head of the Interfakultaire Werkgroep Taal en Spraakgedrag in University of Nijmegen, following which he returned to Oxford and had an appointment on the External Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council. He was appointed Oxford University Professor of Neuropsychology, and subsequent to his retirement, Professor Emeritus.

He had a prolific neuropsychological career, including classical work on dyslexia and visual neglect. This sponsorship is for an inspirational figure in neuropsychology, who had a powerful impact on current neuropsychological work.


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